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The Next Millennial Trend Is Suing Big Oil for Destructive Climate Change

New York is the latest—and biggest—city to sue giants like BP and ExxonMobil over damage from extreme weather. It probably won't be the last.
John Surico
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Trump Messed Up His Own Birthday on His NYC Mayoral Ballot

Plus, Melania forgot to sign her envelope, Ivanka sent in her ballot too late for it to count, and Jared Kushner never even mailed the thing.
Drew Schwartz
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The Met Museum May Start Charging Tourists

The museum's new proposal is awaiting approval from the New York City Mayor's office.
Nathaniel Ainley
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150 Members of Congress, Including 11 Republicans, Announced Support for the NEA

Also last week: Kanye launched a jewelry line and Shia LaBeouf kicked off a performance in Finland.
Nathaniel Ainley

Why Did Donald Trump Fire the Most Famous Anti-Corruption Prosecutor in America?

Donald Trump promised to keep Preet Bharara, the US attorney in New York known for going after shady Democrats and Republicans alike. This weekend, the president changed his mind.
Matt Taylor

How Mayors Like Sadiq Khan Nourish Their Cities' Nightlife

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Detroit have pro-nightlife mayors.
Michael Scott Barron
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A New Poll Says NYPD Cops Really Hate Their Jobs

Over three quarters of New York police officers wouldn't recommend their family members try the gig, according to a survey by the politically powerful police union.
Helen Donahue

Men of Colour on What It's Like Getting Busted for Weed in Today's New York City

The NYPD has softened penalties for possessing pot, but law enforcement still hits some people harder than everyone else.
John Surico

Can New York Save Itself from Out-of-Control Rents?

We talked to a deputy mayor, a professor, and a community activist about the housing crisis eating America's largest city.
Peter Moskowitz

Weed Is Basically Legal in New York City Now, but Only If You're White

Arrest and summons data suggest where you live in the city has a lot to do with how likely you are to get hassled by cops for weed.
Theodore Hamm and Alex S. Vitale
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New York Is Cracking Down on Synthetic Weed

On Tuesday, New York City's mayor signed three laws aimed at the worst drug in the world, and a new TV ad campaign discourages anyone from messing with it.
River Donaghey

Why is the NYPD's 'Warrant Squad' Still Raiding Homeless Shelters?

Homeless New Yorkers and their advocates want to know why the city is dealing with an unprecedented homelessness crisis in part by arresting people for next to nothing.
John Surico