bio art


This Artist Is Making Work Out of the Literal Blood of LGBTQ People

Jordan Eagles is protesting the FDA's discriminatory blood donation policies.


I Got High and Chilled with Ants at the Guggenheim on 4/20

Smells alter your state of mind while you gaze at bioartist Anicka Yi's ant- and bacteria-filled installations.


Art Simulates a Dance with Plant Life in New York

Artist Davide Zucco choreographs his work to mimic the growth and movement of ferns.


Majestic Koi Fish Swim the Line Between Nature and Art

New Jersey-based Quality Koi Co. Inc. breeds living, breathing, one-of-a-kind creatures.


Poetry and Lights Activate Fluorescent E. Coli Proteins

The green fluorescent protein, derived from E. Coli, glows neon under blue and purple lights.


[Visual Dictionary] Raspberry Bioart

Visual definitions shed light on 2015's biggest art trends.


Tears Under a Microscope Will Give You All the Feels

Go ahead and let the waterworks flow. As Maurice Mikkers' 'Imaginarium of Tears' shows, you just might make a work of art.


Enter the Cosmic Spiderweb Sculptures of Tomás Saraceno

Inside 'Hybrid Solitary … Semi-Social Quintet … on Cosmic Webs …' the 'Cloud City' creator's ongoing show at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.


The Sights (and Smells) of Anicka Yi's Bacteria Art Show

Synthetic biologist Tal Danino tells us about the bacteria at Yi's 'You Can Call Me F' exhibition at The Kitchen in New York.


[Video] Coral City | A New Atlantis for South Florida's Fluorescent Sea Creatures

The Creators Project unveils 'Coral City' our two-part documentary on bio-art duo Coral Morphologic.


This Crystalline Cocoon Was Woven with Liquid Silk

Julian Melchiorri twists and morphs light with silk proteins for his ethereal 'Cocoon' sculpture.


Rat Brains and Fly Larvae Win Microscope Photography Competition

Check out the gross and gorgeous winners of the 2014 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®.