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Is Spirulina Furniture the Future of Interior Decor?

Photosynthetic algae decks the halls of a futuristic home concept at the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art.


Artist Collages Digital Still Lifes Inspired by Evolutionary Processes

Mathias Vef's "digital ecosystems" are ripe with the overgrowth and infestation of visual culture.


[Video] Coral City | A New Atlantis for South Florida's Fluorescent Sea Creatures

The Creators Project unveils 'Coral City' our two-part documentary on bio-art duo Coral Morphologic.


Submerge Yourself in a Strange Sea of Slit-Scanned Jellyfish

Interaction designer James Alliban experiments with jellyfish footage for openFrameworks experiment, 'NOVA.'


Rat Brains and Fly Larvae Win Microscope Photography Competition

Check out the gross and gorgeous winners of the 2014 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®.


Glorious Biology GIFs Visualize The Secrets To Animal Flight

Seattle-based artist and molecular biologist Eleanor Lutz is turning the natural world into incredible animated GIFs.


Sublime Macro Photographs Of Butterfly Wings

Photographer Linden Gledhill captures nature's hidden beauty with a macro focusing rail.


Exhibition, "Personified," Allows Visitors To Turn Their Heartbeats Into Music

The opening corresponds with artist Greg Fox's recent album that turned his body's natural rhythms into tunes