Bloc Party


Indie’s Dead But Bloc Party’s ‘Silent Alarm’ Tour Was Beautiful Anyway

At Margaret Court Arena on Tuesday, Bloc Party put on a stunner of a show (even if it exposed the faults in our former indie lifestyles.)


Bloc Party Are Performing 'Silent Alarm' in Full Around Australia This Year

Grab your Rave Juice and get ready to relive your glory days, because the indie heroes are coming back to town.


Kesha, Bob Dylan, and More Challenge Pop's Heteronormativity on a New EP

'Universal Love' is a collection of gender-flipped tracks which push past pop's usual gender conventions.


Noisey Beats 1: All Things Bloc Party, Baby

Also check out a sweet Coachella mix, a world premiere from Keith Jenkins, and a sit down with St. Louis up and comer J.R.


Looking Back into the Sun: How #IndieAmnesty Gave a Second Life to a Forgotten Genre

If the indie amnesty hashtag taught us anything, it’s that plenty of us are bound by the experience of simply being young and alive between 2003 and 2008.


Noisey Presents Bloc Party in New York City

Tickets go on sale today at noon EST.


PREMIERE: Stream Bloc Party's First Album In Four Years - 'HYMNS'

Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack return reinvigorated, with two new members and a record that's starkly emotional, yet celebratory too.


A Decade in the City: How Bloc Party Brought Me to London and Narrated My Future

I’ve barely listened to their new material, but 2007’s 'A Weekend In The City' means more to me now than ever.


We Attended a Music Festival with a Bunch of Fearless Teens

“My dad has no idea where I am right now.”


We Drew All of the Coolest Stuff We Saw at FYF 2015

A sketchbook review of everything from Run the Jewels' cameo-filled set to Kanye to Morrissey's vegan advocacy (plus the ghost emoji).


The Ten Best Songs About... Ketamine

Presenting: the soundtrack to extensive numbness, crazy leg syndrome, dissociation, and getting cemented in Fabric’s toilets.