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Frank Ocean's Instagram Is No Longer Private

The @blonded account—followed by Frank's mum, Vegyn, and other friends & family—was private for ages. Now, it's not.
Shaad D’Souza

The Psychedelic Connection Between Kacey Musgraves and Frank Ocean

On 'Golden Hour' and 'Blonde,' their masterpieces, the two artists find new colors and new worlds, a step to the side of our reality.
Alex Robert Ross
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Listen to A$AP Rocky's New Moby-Sampling Track "ASAP Forever"

It's not April Fool's Day, so you can be sure that "ASAP Forever (feat. Moby)" isn't a prank. In fact, it's the latest single from Rocky's new album 'TE$TING'.
Shaad D’Souza
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Lorde Covered Frank Ocean's "Solo" on the First Night of Her American Tour

She pulled out something special for the first night of her North American Melodrama Tour.
Shaad D’Souza
Ryan Bassil's Fantastical Emporium of Music as Magic (and sometimes shit)

"All You Want Is Nikes, But the Real Ones"

Frank Ocean's live performance captures the honest intimacy of his work. It's just up to the crowd to decide if they want to experience it as intended.
Ryan Bassil

The Enduring Appeal of 'Endless', Frank Ocean’s Underrated Masterpiece

Though it was seemingly lost in wake of 'Blonde', the album wasn't just a way for Ocean to get out of his record deal.
Jamie Milton
Grammys 2017

Frank Ocean Wins Grammys Despite Not Being Nominated for Grammys

"'Blonde' sold a million plus without a label, that’s successful," he wrote in a ferocious Tumblr post last night.
Alex Robert Ross
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All The Mysteries Solved By Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Liner Notes

Beyoncé, Kanye, and James Blake all contributed—but maybe not in the ways you thought.
Lauren O'Neill
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Stream 'Brunette,' a House and Techno Tribute to Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

Kweku Saunderson crafted the 8-track tribute.
Britt Julious
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Jacques Greene Gives Frank Ocean's "White Ferrari" a Fresh Coat of Paint on New Edit

"Blonde has been fucking me up and saving me in equal measure since it came out."
Max Mertens
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Listen to Jacques Greene’s Edit of Frank Ocean’s 'White Ferrari'

The Montreal producer has added New Order sounding bass lines to one of the highlights of Ocean’s 'Blonde'.
Noisey Staff
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Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’ Has Been Deemed Ineligible for the Billboard Charts

‘Blond’ will probably go straight to number one, though.
Alex Robert Ross