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Does This Huge Report Contain Real Solutions to Victoria's Domestic Violence Problem?

Body cameras and one-stop-shops: everything you should know about the Royal Commission into Family Violence.
VICE Staff

The Long, Complicated Fight Over Making Sure the Public Sees Police Killing Videos

Despite the police being increasingly under the microscope for the deaths of civilians, and despite it becoming easier to document these incidents on camera, access to footage is extremely hard to come by.
Camille Pendley

How Police Unions Are Using Protests, Boycotts, and Shady Tactics to Fight Reform

As the national debate over law enforcement tactics heats up, cops aren't hesitating to decry what they see as an assault on their rights.
Ray Downs

Cameras Are Helping Document More NYPD Misconduct Than Ever Before

Smartphones have helped ordinary citizens document interactions with police, and more complaints against the NYPD have been substantiated as a result.
John Surico
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On Monday, the LAPD Will Start Wearing Body Cameras

Many have reservations about the program, which promises to equip nearly 7,000 officers with body cameras in the coming months.
Drew Millard

Activists Say the LAPD's New Body Camera Program Is Full of Problems

Los Angeles just became the largest city in the country to outfit its officers with cameras, but police reformers say that the department's policies still have a long way to go.
Mike Pearl
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A Court Ruled That a SWAT Raid on a Barbershop Was Totally Ridiculous

Now the barbers can proceed with their lawsuit against the Florida cops.
Lucy Steigerwald
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Can the Feds Fix Local Police?

The ACLU wants a federal "police czar" to help stop the militarization of law enforcement, but we don't need another cop to tell us the real problem is too many police.
Lucy Steigerwald
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The Police Aren't So Brave When Someone Has a Weapon

British police managed to subdue a mentally ill man armed with a machete—without even shooting him. That wouldn't happen in America.
Lucy Steigerwald
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Cameras Weren’t Enough to Stop the Albuquerque Police from Killing a Mentally Ill Homeless Man

James Boyd ended up dead after a confrontation with officers that started because he was camping illegally.
Lucy Steigerwald
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The Cops Should Always Be on Camera

As a pilot program in Rialto, California, reveals, when cops film all their interactions with civilians and suspects, complaints against officers go down. So why aren't more departments around the country doing this?
Lucy Steigerwald