Body Parts


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Six artists pick apart the aesthetics of teeth for (this is real) National I Love My Dentist Day.


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Dallas-based artist Sergio Garcia's anatomical sculptures also point out the absurdity of weed being illegal.


It Took Thousands of Hours to Create These Twisted Wire Sculptures

Each of Claude-Olivier Guay's transforming creations can take up to 1,000 hours of labor.


We Asked People Which Part of Their Body They Like Most

A new survey says 75 percent of women aren't happy with the way they look. Fuck that.


Deconstructed Faces Look Like Skin Masks and Beehives | GIF Six-Pack

Trypophobes beware, Adam Pizurny's beehive image is frightening.


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Albert Omoss' new short, 'Undercurrents,' is a slimy dive into our distorted ways of seeing ourselves and others.


A Husband and Wife Slice and Dice Human Faces | Monday Insta Illustrator

Kit King and Corey "Oda" Popp get dicey with anatomy in their hypersurreal takes on the human head.


The Bizarre Crimes of Detroit's Underground Cadaver Dealer

Arthur Rathburn is accused of hacking up bodies with chainsaws and selling diseased body parts to medical conferences—just one example of the shady ongoings in the cadaver dealing industry.


Body Drawings Capture the Worst of "The Mondays" | Insta Illustrator

The worst parts of you will relate to Benedikt Notter's eerie illustrations.


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This Jesse Kanda-directed joint is mouth-watering.


Hand-Shaped Lamp Lights Up at Your Fingertips

Ji Won Jun turned her own hand into an illuminating sculpture called 'You Light Me Up' that turns on when you touch it.


Living, Hearing Copy of van Gogh's Ear Goes on Display

Lend your ear to this tale of art, history, and science.