Carlsberg's New Ad Strategy Is to Acknowledge that Its Beer Isn't Great

The company recently promoted a tweet that compared Carlsberg to “drinking the bath water that your nan died in.”


The Dark Reality of Being a Brand Influencer

Aspirational content, akin to thousand-dollar "Vogue" spreads or "Travel & Leisure" editorials, bank on creating a sense of fantasy—however the actual return is low for most users.


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The Failure of Lady Gaga's Patriotic Rebrand

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Twenty-Five Years Ago, the NFL and Marvel Created 'NFL SuperPro'—and It Sucked

25 years ago, the NFL and Marvel Comics partnered to create NFL SuperPro, one of the lamest comic book heroes ever. There will never be another, and that's a drag.


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Airbnb's "Stolen" Logo: Successful Design Isn't Always Original, and That's OK

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DJ Khaled Made Mother's Day T-Shirts

Move over, Hallmark.


Watching Kobe Bryant's Strange, Honest, Perfectly Fitting Last Game

Kobe Bryant went out on his own terms, just as he was always going to. That last ride was as electric and as thrilling, and as stilted, as Kobe himself.