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Meeting the Irish Soldiers Who Fight in the British Army

Why would someone from a neutral republic want to sign up in another country?


'We Sent a Man to His Death': How the British Army Betrayed Its Own Informant to a Murderous Junta

After VICE investigated the British army's cooperation with a genocidal Guatemalan regime at the height of its civil war, an ex-spy has come forward with shocking allegations.


Exclusive: The British Army's Secret Plan to Prop Up South Africa's Ruling Party

Also revealed: the Army's links to a controversial mining company.


Would the British Military Take Out a Jeremy Corbyn–Led UK Government?

Author Chris Mullin's 1982 novel about a coup toppling a left-wing government turned out to be disconcertingly realistic. We asked him how the establishment would deal with Jeremy Corbyn.


How the British Army Spread Rumors of Black Magic and Witchcraft in 1970s Northern Ireland

They wanted to smear paramilitary organizations and scare kids into staying indoors.


British Veterans Made Some Dark Films to Protest the UK Army's Recruitment of 16-Year-Olds

These ex-soldiers who have seen war want young people to know its true horrors to stop them signing up.


Photos from the Northern Irish Tour That Led Up to 1992's Coalisland Riots

Stuart Griffiths was posted to County Tyrone as a military photographer. Some weeks into the tour, a young British soldier lost both his legs to an IRA explosive device, triggering the Coalisland riots.


Two Gunshots to the Head Couldn't Kill This British Soldier

Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart was the one-handed, eye-patched army officer whose story reads more like a Rowan Atkinson creation than a real serving soldier. He was an impossibly lucky—or unlucky, depending on how you see it—caricature of British resolve.


War All The Time

Ooph. Being in the army makes you tired.