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Cardi B and Bruno Mars' "Please Me" Video Is Full of Theatre Kid Sensuality

The horny collab gets a visual full of desire, delivered with a wink.
Colin Joyce
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Cardi B "Underestimated This Whole Mommy Thing," Cancels Bruno Mars Tour

"Not only am I just not ready physically, I’m not ready to leave my baby behind," the rapper explained.
Alex Robert Ross
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1 Dead, 3 in Critical Condition After Bus Hits Fans at Dutch Festival

Local police have confirmed that a suspect is in custody. It's still not clear if the collision was intentional or not.
Alex Robert Ross
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Janet Jackson Thinks New Artists Are More Courageous Than Ever

In an interview with Billboard, Janet Jackson talks about her legacy, new music, and who she's listening to today.
Kristin Corry
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Bruno Mars Swept the 2018 Grammys Because They Love Smooth Music

'24K Magic''s many wins are just part of a tradition of the Recording Academy awarding well-crafted but safe pop.
Phil Witmer
grammys 2018

Cardi B and Bruno Mars Travel Back to the 90s for "Finesse" at The Grammys

Cardi B joins Bruno Mars for an 'In Living Color'-inspired Grammy performance for "Finesse."
Noisey Staff
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Australia, is Bruno Mars the New P!nk?

The dude is playing a ludicrous 14 shows during his Australian tour. That's only 32 less than P!NK's record-breaking Truth About Love tour...
Issy Beech
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Despite The Weeknd's Complaints, He's Been Nominated for a Kids' Choice Award

Clearly, they didn't hear the line "David Carradine, I'mma die when I cum."
Noisey Staff
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This Mashup of "Uptown Funk" and the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait (Whisper Song)" Will Unite Generations

Wait til you see my funk.
Craig Jenkins

Why Aren’t More Male Pop Stars Speaking Up for Kesha?

It seems the only people being dragged for not vocally supporting women are other women.
Emma Garland

The Revolutionary Politics Behind Beyoncé's Super Bowl Halftime Show

"Formation" is a throughway that runs from Angela Davis to Blue Ivy, past to future. But it's also an urgent cry that's very much of the present.
Brian Josephs

Choral Grief: On the Existential Despair of Watching the Super Bowl as the Left Shark

I knew that the Super Bowl would be full of funny moments, but it was also important to confront the possible end of a meme.
Kyle Kramer