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These People Make Thousands a Month Selling Live Roaches on eBay

"Pick any bug popular in the reptile trade for food, take 15 minutes educate yourself on their reproduction, sell the things on eBay at the going market rate."


This Scientist Is Letting an Insect Grow in Him as a Rite of Passage

"It's kind of weird. You can feel it moving around so I joke to my wife that 'it's kicking, it's kicking,' like it's a baby inside of me."


You Can Now Get $1 Million For Hacking WhatsApp and iMessage

Companies that buy and sell exploits, or zero-days, are now willing to offer seven figures for hacks that allow spies and cops to steal WhatsApp, iMessage and other chat app messages.


We Regret to Inform You 7,000 Live Bugs and Spiders Are Missing from a Museum

Along with entire colonies of cockroaches, snakes, and something called a "red spot assassin bug."


Florida Man Recounts Final Moments of the Roach That Died Inside His Ear

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300 Million Cockroaches Eat Restaurant Waste on This Chinese Farm

When the roaches die, their bodies are powdered and made into feed. It's the wonderful circle of life!


Like Cockroaches, Bug People Will Not Be Stopped

A new book explores the diversity of modern insects—and the strange people who insist on loving them.


Incredible Knitted Moths Could Go in a Natural History Museum

Max Alexander turns Shetland wool into scientifically accurate depictions of various moth species.


'Pillbug and Friends Roast Marshmallows,' Today's Comic by Allison Conway

Millie and her friends are roasting marshmallows when they're suddenly interrupted by an intruder.


'Pillbug Gets Sick,' Today's Comic by Allison Conway

Millie's friend nurses her back to health and teaches her a lesson on self-acceptance.


Get Ready for More Mosquitoes and Ants Thanks to Climate Change

An expert explains how the world's insect population will change by 2050.