self improvement

A Cynic’s Guide to Meditation

After a string of upsetting life events, I threw myself headfirst into meditation to deal with my anxieties—despite my apprehension that the practice was yet another bit of BS modernity.
Graham Isador

I Rented a Friend to See if I Could Cure My Loneliness

One in three of us would describe ourselves as "socially isolated." Can salvation be bought for $25 an hour?
Annie Lord
Getting Out of Bed

How Startups Are Selling Anxious Millennials on the Promise of Sleep

Startup brands are trying to convince a generation of tired, anxious, financially unstable young people that they can buy a good night's sleep.
Marie Solis

The Millennial Burnout Conversation Also Applies to Gamers

Burnout is real, and boy, it sucks.
Cameron Kunzelman
Australia Today

This Gender Reveal Burnout Set a Car on Fire

An Adelaide couple's life-changing burnout turned disastrous when the driver sat on the pedal too long.
Gavin Butler
Own The Grind

Not Doing So Great, Actually: Stop Yourself from Burning Out

Here's how to recognise and prevent it.
Kate Jinx

Why Being an Introvert May Be Better for Your Mental Health

We value extroversion in education and work, but a recent study shows alone time may have earned an unnecessarily bad rep.
Jessica Brown

Doing Nothing Has Become a Sport in South Korea

The Space Out Competition, held in South Korea every year, is a contest to see who can stare off into space the longest without losing focus or dozing off.
Jiwon Kim
VICE vs Video games

I’ll Never Love a Console Like I Loved My Original Xbox

It was a beast, bigger than me, but even when it broke down and my grades were slipping, I stuck by Microsoft's first games console.
Sam White
VICE vs Video games

Dear Criterion, Can We Have a New ‘Burnout,’ Please?

No racing series has combined speed with the raw thrill of wrecking shit quite like "Burnout 2: Point of Impact."
Andrew Hollingsworth
VICE vs Video games

'The Crew' Is the Video Game Equivalent of the Great American Road Trip

So it's kind of annoying that you're expected to accomplish micro-challenges at the same time as exploring every inch of a truly spectacular gaming world.
Mike Diver