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​All the Reasons Summer Is the Worst

Let's get real about summer.
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Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa's "One Kiss" Video is Aggressively Trendy

The visual is basically an ncapsulation of everything that's #hot #right #now.
Lauren O'Neill
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Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris' New Collab Is Summoning the Sun

"One Kiss" might not be a banger scaling the heights of "Slide" or "Feels," but it is a fun reminder that summer edges closer.
Lauren O'Neill
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Calvin Harris and His Endless Quest for 'Sound of the Summer'

It's not even fair how close he comes to musical satisfaction without *quite* hitting the spot.
Brandi Fullwood
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Okay Calvin Harris, We Get It, You're Cool Now

The "Feels" video is good. You can stop trying so hard now, man.
Lauren O'Neill
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Frank Ocean Just Annotated the Lyrics of His Calvin Harris Collaboration, "Slide"

One line in particular references an expensive Picasso painting.
Britt Julious
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Calvin Harris Was the Only Electronic Musician to Win at the VMAs

He took home awards for his collaborations with Rihanna and Disciples, respectively.
Alexander Iadarola
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Calvin Harris Is Still the World's Highest Paid DJ

Other top earners according to Forbes include Diplo and ZEDD.
Britt Julious
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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Are Being Petty Online and Literally Who Cares but We Know You All Care and Here Are All the Angles You Will Performatively Care Over the Next 24 Hours

How will you choose to get Mad Online?
Noisey Staff
Noisey Redactie
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Diplo Thinks EDM is Dying and the DJ World is Full of "Corny" People

The prolific producer called EDM a 'sinking ship.'
Britt Julious
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Rihanna and Calvin Harris Have Just Dropped a Slow-Burning Dancefloor Collab

"This Is What You Came For" is the duo's second collaboration.
Michael Scott Barron
Holy Shit

Calvin Harris and Rihanna's New "This Is What You Came For" Just Dropped

A lightning storm of dance.
John Hill