Cam Models Tell Us How Much Money They Are Really Making

Cammers tell us about their startup costs, hours and how much they make getting naked for strangers.
Graham Isador
Common Misconceptions, Answered

Common Myths About Porn, Debunked by a Porn Performer

"I love having fun on set. Can you imagine having sex in a way you really enjoy, with your full consent, and not responding like it’s positive? Also, you can’t fake a squirting orgasm."
Dominique Sisley
sex work

How Sex Work and Social Media Launched a Music Career

As Cortana Blue, she’s a top-ranking camgirl. As Laika, she’s a synth-pop artist carving out more space for sex workers in mainstream culture.
Brad Garcia
sex work

A Day in the Life of an OnlyFans Adult Film Performer

What it's like to work as a performer who self-shoots, directs and uploads their own videos of real sex with other models.
Michael Segalov

Cammers Explain How to Take Good Nudes

"It's easy for close-up shots of your junk to look weird."
Annie Lord

It's Surprisingly Difficult to Sell Your Panties Online

You've likely heard it's easy to make loads of cash on the side selling your soiled undies. It's not.
Mark Hay
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Camgirls Tell Us About the Weirdest Requests They’ve Gotten

The range of human sexuality is vast and delightful.
Allison Tierney
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How to Treat Camgirls, According to Camgirls

Is the chat really free? Can you ask anyone for anal? Find out.
Allison Tierney

What It's Like to Pay Your Way Through College with Sex Work

A new study reports that one in 20 British students have engaged in some kind of sex work—we talked to a few that have about their experiences.
As told to Niamh McIntyre

'Cam Girlz' Is a New Documentary About How Great and Empowering Camming Can Be

"They're not porn stars: They're filmmakers as far as I'm concerned."
Aidan Johnston

How to Be a Cam Girl's Perfect Fan Boy

Tips on cam etiquette from the stars of the Miami camming convention.
Nichi Hodgson

Porn Kingpin Steven Hirsch Believes Tube Sites Are Good for the Porn Industry

Porn stars have started an online campaign to convince people to stop using tube sites, but Steven Hirsch, the porn tycoon who brought us the Kim Kardashian sex tape, thinks they should stop their fight and work with the tube sites instead.
Sophie Saint Thomas