Camp Cope


Jen Cloher: "Indie Rock is Full of Privileged White Kids. I Know Because I’m One of Them."

Melbourne-based artist and Milk! Records label manager Jen Cloher explores the impact of female and non-binary musicians on Melbourne's music scene through looking at songs by Ruby Hunter, Camp Cope, Simona Castricum and more.


We Broke Down Laneway Festival's 2019 Lineup Diversity

By the numbers, here's how many men, women, non-binary people and people of colour are playing Laneway Festival 2019.


You Need to See Camp Cope's Tiny Desk Concert

The Melbourne trio keep going from strength to strength. Check out their brilliant set at NPR, featuring 'How to Socialise & Make Friends' highlight "The Face of God".


Men, Please Stop Telling Cash Savage How To Do Her Damn Job

We're premiering the Melbourne musician's new video for "Pack Animals". She spoke to us about callout culture, acting, and how we can start combatting toxic masculinity.


Til the Wheels Fall Off Featured Bands, Buddies and Floating Goon Sacks

Luca Brasi's annual Tasmanian music fest has turned into a weekend long party.


Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq Takes Bill Stevenson of Descendents to a Punk Bar

Over a mid-afternoon date, conversation turns from hot sauce to Tinder, and of course, coffee.


Fruit Juice Parade Are High School Buds Inspired By Steamed Buns and Bratty Indie Pop

The duo may have been likened to a Kiwi Camp Cope but they’ve got their own thing going on.


Watch Camp Cope Answer the Noisey Questionnaire of Life

In this episode we ask the Melbourne band a few quick fire questions about Snapchat filters, airline seating, and wedgies.


The Noisey Questionnaire Of Life - Camp Cope

Obviously we asked the most burning question in life - Monica, Phoebe or Rachel?