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Meet the Guy Who Woke From a Coma Speaking Another Language

Ben McMahon knew some basic Chinese from high school. But after a car accident he was put in a coma and emerged weirdly fluent.
Julian Morgans

A Helpful Timeline of Prince Philip Not Dying

Flipping a Land Rover? That's nothing.
Lauren O'Neill

The Car Crash Caused by the Bird Box Challenge Reveals the Dark Side of Memes

Internet culture once gave the movie a boost. Now it may have resulted in a teen driving into oncoming traffic.
Taylor Hosking
Australia Today

A Huge Smith Street Brawl and Car Accident Have Left Several People Injured

Police haven’t confirmed if the two incidents were related. But local residents have claimed the car accelerated towards the fight.
Wendy Syfret
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Woman Seems Pretty Chill About Flipping Her Car into a Gas Station

Holy hell.
River Donaghey
drink driving

Perth's Isolation and Urban Sprawl Have Created a Drink-Driving Nightmare

We need to talk about Western Australia, where drink driving is still the reason behind 32% of road deaths.
VICE Staff
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Drink Driving Cost Me $60,000 and the Best Years of My Life

I'd seen people driving in a much worse state. I thought I was sweet.
Katherine Gillespie
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Dear Lord Why Are All These Slime-Covered Eels on the Highway?

Oregon State Police raced to contain the snot-drenched horror scene on Thursday​ with a backhoe and hoses.
River Donaghey

Someone Wrecked a Mercedes Benz Made of 12,000 Mirrors (For Art)

Artist Jordan Griska tackles the decaying American dream with his sparkling sculpture.
Laura Conner
Zero Context

'He Was More into Starcraft Than My Vagina''s most memorable lines from the week of June 26, presented with zero context.
Alex Norcia
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What It's Like to Be Hit By a Car and Forget Who You Are

When John Doran was hit by a car recently, his crash helmet shattered, he was knocked spark out.
John Doran

​This Massive Slow Motion Pile Up in Montreal Is Mesmerizing

Damn Canada.
Jake Kivanc