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If You Don’t Want to Have Kids, You Don’t Have to Want a Career Instead

Forget having it "all"—why aren’t women allowed to just have "some," and be happy with it?


Actually, It *Can* Hurt to Ask Someone to Grab Coffee and Pick Their Brain

“It can’t hurt to ask” is extremely common advice, but when we’re all so accessible online, just being able to reach someone and ask for their help doesn’t mean what it used to.


How Small Talk With Almost-Strangers Profoundly Affects Your Happiness

Research shows weak-tie relationships can be just as important as strong-tie relationships for our mental health.


Who Wants to Sell Drugs Forever?

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I Was a Forever Intern and Here’s What I Learned

Internship culture is out of control. I've done 11 of them—and learned some things along the way that could have saved me the occasional breakdown.


Couples With Big Income Gaps Talk About Money Problems

“I think her salary just makes me feel inferior, and like we’re less equal partners.”


Why Freelancing Is So Much Better Than Having an Office Job

Being your own boss isn’t for everyone, and it’s definitely not easy, but for me the tradeoffs are worth it.


Why Do We Hate People Who Seem Too Nice?

Psychologists call it “antisocial punishment” or “do-gooder derogation.”


Telling People to Find Their Passion Is Bad Advice

Here's what we should probably tell each other instead.


I Used Bumble's Women-Focused Networking Site to Try to Find a Job

I spent a week on Bizz, the app being billed as "the new LinkedIn for women."


Why I Followed My Mum Into Sex Work

She laughs at my anecdotes and evaluates my outfits, but she's also sensitive to the profession's drawbacks.


Why Don't Young Australians Want to Do Apprenticeships Anymore?

"A lot of them don’t like to work hard or don’t respect the trade."