Casual racism

    • 11.18.16

      WWE's Long Overdue Japanese Revolution Is Here

      For too long, Japanese wrestlers were brought in by WWE only to be turned into offensive stereotypes. Now they're headlining shows for the promotion's hottest property.

    • 4.27.15

      The Casual Racism I Deal with as an Asian Woman in an Interracial Relationship

      When you're an Asian woman dating someone who possesses every privilege in the book, you can't help but internalize two sets of differences: how you and your partner are treated by others, and how you and your partner understand those experiences.

    • 3.12.15

      Jeremy Clarkson and the War on British Dads

      British dads are tired. They're stuck in a future that doesn't want them. Everything they like is lame, everything they do is boring, everything they say is "problematic." All they want is to live inside Jeremy Clarkson's brain.

    • 9.19.14

      Fall Is Here and Teens Are Still Lighting Themselves on Fire

      The first leaves are turning color. Like a teen's body, the weather is going through changes. But even as time passes, some weird stunts are apparently too tempting to resist.

    • 5.30.13

      Eddie McGuire's Ape Escape

      A 13-year-old girl who calls a black football player an 'ape' is reported as having hurled a racial slur, whereas if you're the president of a football club and your name happens to be, say, Eddie McGuire, suggesting same is merely a 'gaffe'.

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