• The Magnetic Pull Of Barcelona: Barca DNA and The La Masia ‘Loan’

    With the phrase ‘Barca DNA’ resurfacing in relation to Hector Bellerin, it’s beginning to feel as if the signing of a young La Masia graduate is never anything more than temporary.

  • We Visited the Only Fake Baby Factory in the World

    Despite the obvious similarities, Babyclons are purportedly not reborns – the vinyl realistic dolls that are often used as replacements for real children. "We are not a uterus, we are a factory," says the director of Clon Factory, Cristina Iglesias.

  • The VICE Morning Bulletin

    NASA makes a discovery on Mars, Shell stops drilling in the Arctic, anti-gentrification protesters attack a café selling expensive cereal, and more.

  • On the Lam with Bank Robber Enric Duran

    In 2008, Enric Duran stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from European banks to start a progressive hacktivist commune. Nathan Schneider traveled to Catalonia to meet the man, who is still on the run from the authorities.

  • Scottish Independence Activists Want Catalonia to Break Away from Spain

    Catalan and Scottish nationalists have long fought for a similar cause. In September, just before the independence referendum, Catalan president Arthur Mas delighted Scottish nationalists when he told reporters, "I would like a yes vote in Scotland."

  • This Year's National Day of Catalonia Was a Big Independence Blowout

    Last year, more than a million people turned out to celebrate their country and demonstrate for independence. This year's festival was predicted to be even bigger, as it’s not only the 300th anniversary of the fall of Barcelona, but also comes just...