Charles Manson


Tarantino and 'Mindhunter' Cast the Same Guy to Play Charles Manson

Damon Herriman must play one hell of a cult leader.


Quentin Tarantino Has Finally Cast Manson in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

Damon Herriman will play the infamous 1960s cult leader in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.'


Charles Manson's Grandson Has Won the Bizarre Fight for His Corpse

"I am a grandson working to take the proper steps to show my respect to my grandfather and his true close friends."


Tarantino Is Bringing Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio Together for His Manson Film

Pitt will play the stunt double to DiCaprio's Western TV star, Rick Dalton, in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.'


Leonardo DiCaprio Will Star in Tarantino's Manson Movie

Though it doesn't look like he'll be playing the infamous cult leader.


I Wrote to Charles Manson and Got This Drawing in Response

In the late 1980s, Rocco Casella wrote to the serial killer and members of his "Family." This is what he got back.


Watch This Chilling Manson Documentary from 1973

'Manson' is the definitive documentary on the former cult leader and his followers, released at a time when the notorious murders were still fresh.


Charles Manson Has Been Removed from Prison and Hospitalised

A source told TMZ "it's just a matter of time."


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