This Story of an Elevator Plummeting 84 Floors Is an Absolute Nightmare

Thankfully, everyone managed to escape the thing unscathed.
River Donaghey
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Drunk Baggage Handler Passes Out Inside Plane and Wakes Up 500 Miles from Home

River Donaghey
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Bruno the Incredibly Extra Cat Has Finally Found a Home

He now has a new mom, Instagram account, and feather wand toy (since it's the only thing he'll play with).
Drew Schwartz
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I Was a Mob Enforcer and Somehow Got Out Alive

"It started out popping a few heads. Then you moved onto the heavy stuff."
Seth Ferranti
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This Woman Won't Stop Trying to Sneak onto Airplanes

Marilyn Hartman was arrested at Chicago's airport Sunday just weeks after she got caught slipping onto a flight to London.
Drew Schwartz
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The Best Yelp Reviews for Trump's 'Shithole' Hotels

"Wow! This hotel is actually a hole of shit. Like a massive, carved out, deep hole just full of thousands of tons of shit."
Drew Schwartz
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We Are All This Raccoon Who Ate So Much He Got Stuck in a Sewer

We've all been there.
River Donaghey
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I Served 26 Years for Murder Even Though the Killer Confessed

His lawyers wouldn't tell anyone because of attorney-client privilege. Meanwhile, I kept a homemade metal shank with me at all times.
Alton Logan with Berl Falbaum

A New Exhibit at the Tate Gives Voice to Civil Rights-Era Black Artists

'Soul of a Nation' looks at what it was like to be a black artist from 1963 to 1983.
Catherine Chapman

Takashi Murakami Has a Massive Retrospective Show in Chicago

The prolific Japanese artist’s new traveling exhibition showcases fifty plus artworks that span more than 30 years.
Nathaniel Ainley

[Premiere] Theaster Gates Is Preserving Black Spaces by Buying Whole Stores

The Chicago-based artist shares his outlook on collecting in a new video by Art21, premiering today on Creators.
Kara Weisenstein
monday insta illustrator

It's Mickey Mouse From Hell

Artist Junk Yard Chicago imagines the darker side of pop culture.
Beckett Mufson