A Mysterious 'Fireball' Was Spotted In Chile and Nobody Knows What It Was

A meteor? Space junk? Nobody knows, but officials investigated whether the mysterious object, or objects, started several fires.


Scientists Saw an 'Energetic Eruption' Under Jupiter's Clouds for the First Time

The observations provided a "missing link” in theories about storms that rage in Jupiter's atmosphere.


Scientists Just Discovered 39 'Invisible' Galaxies

These ancient galaxies, known as H-dropouts, defy our current understanding of the early universe.


Astronomers Peer at a Young Star System That Is Strikingly Similar to Our Own

DM Tau has its own asteroid belt, and may be developing its own versions of Earth and Neptune, too.


This Japanese Fisherman Discovered Bolivia’s Only Giant Freshwater Clams

Twenty years ago, Gustavo Mizushima, whose family moved from Japan to Bolivia in the aftermath of World War II, discovered giant clams on his fish farm. No one knows how they got there, but the mollusks are now in high demand.


If 'Blade Runner' Was Kawaii, It'd Look Like This

There's something sinister hiding behind the cuteness.


An Oscar Nomination for Daniela Vega Would Make Trans Hollywood History

Her performance in 'A Fantastic Woman' is attracting incredible buzz. A nomination for the actress would represent a huge step forward for the Academy.


That One Time My Dad and I Cycled 3,800km Through Patagonia

Highlights of my trip riding past endless rugged mountains and windswept pampas.


[NSFW] These Fruit-Filled Paintings Are Ripe (in More Ways Than One)

Alonsa Guevera’s 'Ceremonies' will make you want to book a trip to a tropical rainforest.


Germany's Demirbay Scored An Absolute Laser of a Goal

Germany and Chile advance to the Confederations Cup Semifinal.


The World's Largest Telescope Is Being Built So We Can Finally Find Aliens

A video touting the ELT says it's the biggest telescope currently under construction and could be the first to spot aliens.


Chilean Artist Twists Early Disney and 'Looney Tunes' Animations

You might recognize a character or two in Victor Castillo’s ‘We Were All To Be Kings’ show.