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Not Only Is China’s 'UFO' Not Unidentified, It Probably Won't Fly

The "Super Great White Shark" uses a similar design to those abandoned by the US and Canada in the 1960s.


Tech Companies Didn’t Plan for Chinese Censorship

Tech companies are censoring information about the demonstrations in Hong Kong. Civil liberties experts say this is symptomatic of larger problems.


China Is Destroying Uighur Cemeteries, Affecting Generations of Families

Uighurs say this is a way for the Chinese government to “eradicate” their culture.


China Called the App Hong Kongers Use to Avoid Tear Gas 'Poisonous.' So Apple Removed It.

Chinese officials criticized the company for permitting the crowd-sourced app, which Beijing says is being used to "target and ambush police."


South Park Episode Banned By China Screened On Hong Kong Streets

DJ Zedd also claims he has been banned from China for liking a tweet by South Park.


Blizzard Doesn't Respect the Human Rights of Its Customers, Major Rights Organization Says

"By penalizing a player for speaking up in support of protesters exercising their right to freedom of expression, Blizzard demonstrates a lack of respect for the human rights of its users."


Watch the 'South Park' Episode That Got the Show Banned in China

It's streaming on the Comedy Central site.


Blizzard's Hong Kong Screw-Up Is Officially an International Incident

The company's communities are in chaos and US senators are taking notice, following the suspension of a pro 'Hearthstone' player who declared support for Hong Kong's protest movement.


After a 'South Park' Censorship Episode, China Deleted the Entire Show From the Web

The episode criticized American entertainment leaders for catering to China's censorship rules.


Hong Kong's Face Mask Ban Is Just Pissing People Off

An off-duty Hong Kong cop shot a man in the thigh and was surrounded by angry protesters.


Hong Kong Cops Shot Him in the Chest. Now They've Charged This Protester With Rioting.

The bullet narrowly missed the 18-year-old protester's heart. Now he faces 10 years in prison.


China Thinks It's ‘Totally Appropriate’ for Police to Shoot an 18-Year-Old Schoolboy in the Chest

Chinese state media called the level of violence in Hong Kong "crazy."