Civil Rights

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Saying Goodbye to Aretha Franklin

We celebrate the queen of soul, and the impact she had on our music and culture.
VICE Staff

The Best Way to Fight Sexism Is to Make Men Experience It

The lessons I learned at a now-closed summer camp for LA teens hold up in the #MeToo era.
Kelli Auerbach

Powerful Vintage Photos Contrast Hollywood Glitz with Civil Disobedience

George Rodriguez has lived a double life in LA, photographing Chicano activists as well as famous musicians like Eazy-E and Michael Jackson.
Miss Rosen
martin luther king jr.

The Strange, Tangled Web of Assassination Plots Against Martin Luther King

Before he was actually murdered, the civil rights legend was targeted for at least a decade by vile racists of all stripes, according to a new account.
Seth Ferranti

Elemental Portraits Peel Back the Layers of Racial Identity

Lauren Machen draws inspiration from the classical elements (earth, fire, wind, and water) for her latest photography series.
Annie Armstrong

A New Exhibit at the Tate Gives Voice to Civil Rights-Era Black Artists

'Soul of a Nation' looks at what it was like to be a black artist from 1963 to 1983.
Catherine Chapman

A Photographer's Honest Portraits Recontextualise Black Masculinity

Jonathan Gardenhire captures "honest pictures of black men" that are once familiar and transformative.
Antwaun Sargent
gallery show

How to Survive Systemic Racism in America

Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter explores the politics of survival at We Buy Gold in Brooklyn.
Antwaun Sargent
50 states of art

We're the Artists Fighting Racism in Memphis | #50StatesofArt

The CLTV is an organization in Memphis, TN working diligently to create a platform for Black artists in their city.
Victoria Jones

Rare Photos of American Civil Rights Activism from the 60s

'North of Dixie: Civil Rights Photography Beyond the South' focuses on places where the fight against discrimination has been ignored by the history books.
Chase Hall

​Are the Feds Finally Going to Press Charges in the Eric Garner Case?

After more than two years and lots of internal squabbling, are the feds ready to charge the cop who placed Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold?
John Surico

Meet the 72-Year-Old Preacher Behind One of the Greatest Gay Club Anthems of All Time

Carl Bean's 1977 Motown classic "I Was Born This Way" is just as empowering today as it was 40 years ago—just ask Lady Gaga.
Michelle Lhooq