• A History of Antifascists Beating the Shit Out of Racist Boneheads

    Remembrance Sunday is the high point in the UK white pride calendar—a day for the fascist National Front (NF) to sully the day with their presence, while others try to stop them.

  • Why Police Brutality Won’t Stop Environmental Protests in China

    On Sunday, March 30, around 1,000 activists gathered in Maoming, a city in southwest China, to protest against the proposed construction of a petrochemical plant. For the most part, police in China have been tolerant of environmental protests, but that...

  • Are Cuban Special Forces Shooting at Venezuelan Protesters?

    In Caracas, students singing the Venezuelan national anthem gathered at a heavily guarded Cuban Embassy on Tuesday, protesting the involvement of Cuban troops in the repression and calling for an end to Cuba’s longstanding influence on Venezuelan...

  • Bangkok Remains a City in Crisis

    Election day did nothing to quell the rage of anti-government protesters.

  • Al Qaeda Is Taking Over Whole Cities in Iraq

    Late last month, the Iraqi cities of Ramadi and Fallujah fell to tribal militants linked to ISIS, a homegrown franchise of al Qaeda—another sign that two years after the withdrawal of US troops, the country is far from peaceful.

  • Egypt's Prisons Are Full to the Brim with Activists and Journalists

    Over the past three Fridays, Egyptian police have arrested over 700 protesters and killed another 27, according to official figures. There was a time when these numbers would have led the news bulletins. Now, they're buried in half-hearted weekend...

  • Syria's Revolutionaries Are Fighting Back Against Foreign Jihadists

    It started with a Facebook post in February 2011. “Together for a Day of Rage in Syria to end the state of emergency in Syria and end corruption." One revolution, two bloody years, and 11 dark months later, came more Facebook posts—this time calling...

  • The Politics of Protest in Egypt Are Shifting Once Again

    In the past couple years, mass demonstration has gone from a weapon of the people to a tool of the state, but now a new set of protesters is challenging the status quo and defying the harsh new anti-demonstration law.

  • Greek Police Tear-Gassed Protesters Last Friday

    Crowds were out to remember Alexios Grigoropoulos, the teenager whose death sparked Greece's 2008 riots. Police responded to the peaceful protest with tear gas, physical searches, and numerous arrests.

  • Thailand's Anti-Government Protests Turned Deadly This Weekend

    After months of relatively peaceful demonstrations and a week of massive anti-government rallies, protests in Bangkok have turned violent.

  • Ex-Workers Have Hijacked Greece's Former Public Broadcaster

    Last Saturday night, some 20,000 people marched from the Polytechnic to the city's US embassy to both commemorate the students' battle against the CIA-backed junta of the 70s and to link it to today's struggles against austerity and state oppression.

  • The Bahraini Government Is Still Repressing Its Critics

    The government claims it's open to talks with the opposition, but it's also imprisoning its opponents and cracking down on journalists and anyone else it doesn't like.