Clive Palmer


Clive Palmer’s Weird and Bitter War Against Twisted Sister Rages On

Palmer wants Peter Dutton to reject the frontman's visa, and has offered to sing his own version of the band's hit song for Australian audiences.


Oh Good, Someone's Rebuilding the Titanic and Wants to Retrace the Trip

It plans to offer an "authentic Titanic experience" and the director of the project is named Clive Mensink.


Please Take a Moment To Appreciate This Artful Vandalism Of Clive Palmer Billboards

Australia, let's all gather together to appreciate the men and women creating these living memes across the country.


Who Is the Real Clive Palmer?

As auditors dissect the finances of Queensland Nickel, and tear up the last of Palmer's reputation, it's becoming clear we never knew the guy at all. Who is he? And what just happened?


Clive Palmer Is the Most Generous, Broke Political Donor in Australia

Clive Palmer funnels money from failing companies into politics


Clive Palmer Is Actually Headlining a Poetry Festival

At the age of 26 an aspiring bard named F. Clive Palmer published a collection of poems. Now he's set to appear at the Queensland Poetry Festival.


Clive Palmer Proves it's Not Worth Buying Yourself a Political Party

$26 million might get you elected, but spending your own money is not a sustainable model.


And The Lying Shall Lie Down With The Lambie - By Clive Palmer

PUP was founded on a singular vision: genetically modified dinosaurs serving me mimosas as sentient coal trucks danced the lambada for my amusement.


Even For Australia, Last Week Was Pretty Racist

Australia is the world’s great melting pot. We’re a diverse group of multiculturalists who came together with one shared dream: to steal a continent from the people who had been living here for fifty thousand years.


Pissing Into A Strange Wind: Australia Abolishes the Carbon Tax

Australia now has the questionable honour of being the first country to abolish a carbon pricing system.


The Political Novice Who Ran Against Tony Abbott for Palmer United

Brodie Stewart was recruited to contest the seat of Warringah after sending Clive Palmer a tipsy fan letter.


Al Gore Wants Tony Abbott to "Change or Get Out Of the Way"

We caught up at his Climate Reality Project conference, the day after his joint announcement with Clive Palmer, to talk about deal brokering, feeling optimistic, and his message for Tony Abbott.