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I Wore a Music-Activated Vibrator to the Club Instead of Doing Drugs

I had more orgasms than you had last weekend.
Lindsey Leonard
Nightlife Isn't Dead

I Listened to Happy Hardcore for 48 Hours Straight

And ended up a long way from home.
Angus Harrison
music video

[Premiere] What Happened When 30+ Strangers Were Asked to Dance for a Music Video

The music video for Portuguese producer and DJ Moullinex’s track, "Love Love Love," turns a casting call into a celebration of dance culture.
Kevin Holmes
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Do Your Bit for Nightlife and Take Part in this Year's Global Drugs Survey

Now in its sixth year, the GDS is the world’s largest online survey about drugs and drug use.
Angus Harrison

Discussing Politics, Power and Public Enemy With Levon Vincent

We caught up with one of the community's more outspoken members to discuss David Mancuso, Noam Chomsky, Martin Luther King, and a lot more.
Josh Baines
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Fabric and Islington Council Have Reportedly Reached an Agreement to Reopen the Club

The agreement is allegedly based on a series of criteria the club will have to meet, including 32 new licensing conditions.
Angus Harrison
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Are Parties on the Tube the Future of British Clubbing?

Who needs actual nightclubs when you can wave a plastic sword about on the Piccadilly Line?
Josh Baines

Clubbing in Majority White Spaces Taught Me More About My Blackness and Queerness Than Daily Life

Finding QTPOC communities helped me overcome racial oppression and self-doubt.
Max Mohenu
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Iconic London Club Fabric to Permanently Close After Losing Its License

At a hearing in London local authorities revoked the 17-year-old venue’s license following two drug-related deaths.
Anna Codrea-Rado

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, From the Club

Is it impossible for a woman to ever truly feel safe when walking home alone from a party?
Michelle Lhooq

Photos from 90s Shows That Will Make You Wish You Were Young Again

We spoke to the curator of 'Teen Spirit,' a new photo exhibition about being a teenager and wearing silly clothes and going to shows with your friends.
Yasmin Jeffery

Dancing in the Dark: What’s Nightlife Like For Young Blind People?

"Most of my friends don't let our disability get us down. We conquer it."
Josh Baines