college football

New music

Listen to Taylor Swift's New Song, "...Ready For It?"

The new song, premiered by ESPN during a college football game on Saturday night, doesn’t sound anything like “Look What You Made Me Do."
Alex Robert Ross
stupid controversies

ESPN and Robert Lee Learn People Love Being Angry About Everything

It is the nature of the internet for knee-jerk reactions to spread like wildfire.
Sean Newell
baylor university

Trump's Proposed Budget Would Undermine Title IX Enforcement

The Education Department's Office of Civil Rights is included in Trump's effort to drastically scale back the federal government's role in enforcing civil rights.
Sean Newell

Former Student Sues Baylor, Alleges Football Team Videotaped Gang Rape

This is the seventh Title IX lawsuit filed against the Baptist university in its ever growing sexual assault scandal.
Sean Newell
pay the players

Hold My Beer: Louisiana Lawmaker Makes Unexpected Case for Paying College Athletes

If Louisiana universities want to have "official beers" to avoid exploitation, perhaps they should stop exploiting student athletes, writes one lawmaker.
Mike Piellucci
athlete health

Can Cardiac Screenings Save the Lives of Young Athletes?

An EKG exam could help detect heart disease in young athletes. Or it could send parents down a costly road of expensive follow-up exams that lead nowhere.
Nicole Wetsman
college football

Texas A&M Receiver Used "A Bad Case of Jock Itch" As Excuse for Indecent Exposure Charges

Merritt allegedly pulled down his shorts and started holding himself. Doesn't sound much like jock itch to me.
Liam Daniel Pierce
bad ideas

Arkansas Law Will Allow Guns on College Campuses, Including Stadiums and Arenas

Arkansas tackled the classic conundrum of how to make it easier to maim and kill one another at sporting events.
Sean Newell
Race and Health

Does Racial Resentment Fuel Opposition to Paying College Athletes?

A new social science study has found that whites are more likely than blacks to oppose paying NCAA athletes—and that the more negative whites felt about blacks, the stronger their opposition.
Patrick Hruby
woke harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh Calls Out Trump's Proposed Budget Cut for Legal Aid to the Poor

Harbaugh was named to the Legal Services Corporation's Leaders Council last year.
Joseph Flynn
crazy names

Meet The Guy With The Best Name in Sport: Kobe Buffalomeat

That's really his name.
VICE Sports
baylor sexual assault scandal

New Baylor Lawsuit Alleges 52 Rapes by 31 Football Players

It appears the Pepper Hamilton report missed the mark by a wide margin.
Sean Newell