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Six Highly Unlikely Brexit Outcomes – One of Which Must Happen This Week

As the clock keeps ticking, there's a hat-trick of Brexit votes in Parliament this week.
Gavin Haynes

Theresa May's Own Party Finally Moved to Kick Her Out

The PM warned that her removal would be disastrous for the Brexit process.
Tim Hume
Not Gay As in Happy

We Found an Old Interview With Theresa May Talking About 'Promoting Homosexuality'

The UK's Prime Minister has since done a U-turn, but she felt very differently in 2001.
Michael Segalov
last week in art

Banksy Is Offering Free Art to Anyone Who Votes Against Britain’s Conservatives

Bristol-area residents just have to take a picture of their ballot to receive a limited edition "souvenir" in the mail—gratis.
Nathaniel Ainley
General Election 2017

Everything We Know So Far About The Surprise UK Election

Your Easter weekend comedown just got a whole lot worse.
VICE Staff

I Tried to Find Out What Brexit Means at Tory Conference

"Brexit means Brexit", but what does that really mean?
Simon Childs
Europe: The Final Countdown

Boris Johnson Can't Escape the Clown Suit Straitjacket He Made for Himself

A review of Boris as foreign minister, and human gaffe.
Gavin Haynes

How Scotland Could Ruin Theresa May's Career

Keeping Scotland part of the UK will be one of the Prime Minister's biggest challenges.
Liam Turbett
Europe: The Final Countdown

​“Doo Doo, Doo Doo” By David Cameron Is the Sound of the Summer 2K16

Cameron's off-the-cuff tune is the cute "oopsy-daisy-hows-your-father-evenin-guvnor-fucked-yer-country" ditty we've all been waiting for.
Angus Harrison

Spanish People Celebrate an Election Result That Changed Absolutely Nothing

The second Spanish general election in a year also resulted in a stalemate.
Davit Ruiz, Words by Gonzalo Herrera

Blackmail, Threats, and Fear: Young Tories Discuss the UK Conservative Party Bullying Scandal

After a young Conservative Party member killed himself in September, the spotlight has been thrown on a poisonous culture in the party's youth wing.
Sirin Kale

A Conversation with the Architect of the UK's First Nationwide AIDS Campaign

In 1987, the former Conservative health secretary in the UK commissioned the controversial "Don't Die of Ignorance" advertisements. Treatment has changed for the better since then, but the man who designed the campaign says there's still a lot of work...
William Fairman and Max Gogarty