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Cardinal George Pell has Been Found Guilty of Child Sexual Abuse

The former archbishop of Melbourne is the most senior Catholic cleric to ever be convicted of sexually abusing children.
Gavin Butler
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Rihanna Is Suing Her Dad

The singer claims her father has been misusing her name to conduct business without her knowledge.
Kristin Corry
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Farouk from The Castle Is Now a Magistrate

Turns out Darryl Kerrigan's neighbour has been a barrister for 30 years.
Gavin Butler

‘Blowin’ Up’ Explores the Court Giving Sex Workers a Voice and a Choice

Filmmaker Stephanie Wang-Breal went behind the scenes at the Queens Human Trafficking Intervention Court to explore how they’re challenging the criminalisation of sex work.
Julie Fenwick
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Melbourne Student Takes Uni to Court After Failing Assignment

The 23-year-old has already tried getting his results overturned by the Human Rights Commission and Malcolm Turnbull.
Gavin Butler
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Skater Gets a Six-Figure Payout After Violent Run-in With NSW Cops

After being grabbed by the shirt and swung to the ground, the teenager sued for battery, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution.
Wendy Syfret
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A Guy Sued His Wife for Letting Him Jump From a Moving Car

The Sydney couple were fighting when Brian Lim bailed out.
VICE Staff
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Evicted Adult Son Michael Rotondo Moves into Airbnb with Cash from Alex Jones

Now all he needs is a job.
Drew Schwartz
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George Pell in Court: I’m Innocent and It’s All a Big Mistake

The Catholic cleric will stand trial over claims of sexual assault.
VICE Staff
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Adnan Syed from 'Serial' Is Getting a New Trial

An appeals court ruled that his attorney's failure to call up an alibi witness in 2000 warrants Syed another shot at proving his innocence in his girlfriend's murder.
Drew Schwartz
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What Happens When Rich Kids Get Done For Drug Possession

Section 10s were meant to keep young people out of the system. But are they only an option for those who can afford good lawyers?
Liam Armstrong

This Guy Taught a Pug to Heil Hitler and Was Convicted of a Hate Crime

The "professional shitposter" who goes by the name Count Dankula could wind up behind bars for up to six months.
Drew Schwartz