The Internet Is Crowdfunding the Release of 4,358 Secret CIA Mind Control Documents

Twelve years after receiving a cache of CIA documents related to the MKUltra program, John Greenewald of the Black Vault realized that thousands of pages had been omitted. Now, he's asking the internet for help.


Beam Is Like Kickstarter, for Homeless People

We used to have the welfare state; now, homeless people apply online for crowdsourced funding.


Finally! Someone Is Crowdfunding a Statue for the First Cat in Space

Félicette went to space in 1963 and was forgotten.


New Project Lets You Reenact Einstein and Freud’s Remarkable Correspondence

Typographer Harald Geisler's latest Kickstarter project will let you mail Einstein and Freud's pacifist letters to a friend...or your oppressors.


Aboriginal Communities Are Crowdfunding to Expose Police Brutality

They've already raised $20,000 in less than a week.


Poly Styrene Is the Punk Icon Who Deserves Your Respect

A crowdfunding campaign for 'I Am A Cliché,' documentary about the late X-Ray Spex frontwoman, ends today.


Can You Spare A Dollar To Get Western Kentucky's Mascot A New Suit?

It's not easy being Big Red, what with all the wear and tear of life as a mascot. So Western Kentucky is crowdfunding a new suit for college sports' big red son.


Daniele Frazier Makes Giant Kites That Look Like Flowers, Hearts, and Wings

Now, you can help the Brooklyn-based artist bring massive wind-inflated flowers to her neighborhood park.


How a Kickstarter Campaign Devolved into Embezzlement Allegations

Peachy Printer was going to create a $100 3D printer, until one of the founders allegedly used part of the crowdfunded money to build his own house.


Blind Artist Paints from 26 Years of Memories

Brendan Patrick is living proof that anything is possible with nothing more than your imagination.


Someone Is Trying to Crowdfund a Beer Made from Vaginas

This might be the worst IndieGoGo campaign of all time.


It's the Moon, and It's in Your Room

Enjoy the beauty of Luna without even going outside.