One of the World's Most Wanted Hackers Speaks

Phineas Fisher wanted to make a statement on CYBER to deny he’s an agent of the Kremlin.


How a Hacker Tracked Thousands of Cars and Gained the Ability To Kill Their Engines

In this week’s CYBER podcast, we spoke about Motherboard’s scoop on a hacker who breached two GPS tracking companies.


Edward Snowden Explains Why the CIA Just Made an Instagram

"They get Twitter accounts. Instagram accounts (with) puppies and everything like that, because they want to be friendly. They want to be on your side."


How Hackers Break into iCloud-Locked iPhones

In this week’s episode of CYBER, Motherboard talks about the complex, underground industry of breaking into iCloud-locked iPhones, which brings together thieves, coders, and hackers from around the world.


How Google Tracks Hackers

This week, CYBER speaks to Shane Huntley, the Director of Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG), essentially Google's hacker hunting team.


Netiquette 101: How to Use Emojis Without Having an Emojinal Breakdown

Emojis are like The Force: they can be used for good, or they can be used for evil. Or they can be used as a symbol for a dick.


America's Online Infantry

A decade after its inception, the Department of Homeland Security has decided that it needs to find a better way to stay on top of national security than farming out computer work to contractors.


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Trying to get laid on the internet has never been so tough.


Badoo, Explained

A peek inside Europe's favorite social-sexual network.