Weed Week

These Disembodied Arm Sculptures Are Ready to Turn Up

Dallas-based artist Sergio Garcia's anatomical sculptures also point out the absurdity of weed being illegal.
Beckett Mufson
Writer's Block

Taiwan's Graffiti Scene Is Outgrowing Its Foreign Influences

Graffiti in Taipei used to be dominated by expats, but that's changing thanks to a new generation of dedicated and talented writers.
Ray Mock
tea time with t. kid

Talking Weed Soda with a Dorm Restauranteur

In the latest episode of 'Tea Time with T. Kid,' our host is joined by Jonah Reider, a young chef who is sick of being described as the kid who transformed his dorm room into one of the hottest restaurants in New York City.
T. Kid

Stoners Share Their Worst Dabbing Stories

Hint: Don't hold it in.
Allison Tierney
Internet Exploring

Did Lil B Invent the Dab Back in 2010?

If so let's hope he doesn't curse all of hip-hop.
Slava Pastuk

I Went to a Cannabis-Themed Gala and Saw the Future

Hors d'oeuvres and dabs anyone?
Manisha Krishnan

Justin Trudeau Gave Canadians Very High Hopes for Weed Legalization This Year

It's been a very good year for stoners in Canada.
Manisha Krishnan
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Canadian Police Apologized After Freaking Out Over 'Shatter,' a.k.a. Concentrated Weed

No, there is not an epidemic of children overdosing on hash oil.
Manisha Krishnan

Mike Dean Might Be Hip-Hop's Biggest Stoner

Mike Dean is a legendary producer who's worked with everyone from Kanye West to 2Pac. He's also one of rap's biggest potheads. We smoked with him as he reminisced about facing Snoop Dogg in a blunt-off.
Zachary Schwartz

We Asked Canada’s Pot Dealers What They Think About Trudeau’s Plan to Legalize Weed

They all, like, have opinions, man.
Jake Kivanc

What's it Like to Be an Internet-Famous Stoner?

Stephen Payne is a 45-year-old guy from Canada who's become so famous for doing bong rips and dabs that he's sponsored by a weed company and has more than 90,000 YouTube subscribers.
Christopher Thompson

Butane Hash Oil

Butane hash oil is made by blasting marijuana with butane, a solvent that takes all the THC with it and nothing else. Evaporating away the butane leaves only the resin, a viscous, amber-colored, waxy substance that can get you extremely stoned. Alas...
VICE Staff