Daniel Andrews


Victorian Liberals Vow to Shut Richmond's Safe Injecting Room if Elected

"I will not keep a trial with ice addicts next door to a primary school,'' the Opposition leader said.


The Next Six Months Could Completely Change Australian Drug Law

Sniffer dogs: banned. Pill testing: legalised.


Melbourne's Drug Rehab Waiting List Is So Long, People Are Moving to the NT

The shortage of publicly-funded rehab beds in Victoria is driving people to move interstate. But for people struggling with addiction, like Kane, it's not easy.


#AfricanGangs Hashtag Shows Real Life as an African Australian

Peter Dutton says African youths are terrorising Victoria. African Australians are disrupting that narrative.


Why We Made a Doco About Australia's Medical Weed Outlaws

Medical cannabis may be legal, but bureaucracy is intense and a lot of patients can't get access.


Victoria Just Quietly Banned Drugs That Don't Even Exist Yet

The state has introduced its own "psychoactive substances" act following the UK's controversial lead.


Richmond Gets a Safe Injecting Centre as Heroin Deaths Hit a 20-Year Peak

Premier Daniel Andrews has finally green lit a trial to start June 2018.


SMS Warning System for Bad Drugs Never Happening, Victoria Police Says

Floated after the Chapel Street drug deaths, the idea hasn't progressed.


Victoria Has Become the First Australian State to Ban Fracking

New anti-fracking legislation announced last year has passed through the state's parliament.


Finally: A Push to Make Australian Homes Affordable

Scott Morrison has pledged to cool real estate prices with the new budget, while Victoria scraps stamp duty for first home buyers.


Victoria Is Importing Medicinal Cannabis From Canada to Treat Epileptic Kids

A locally-grown supply won't be ready in time.


Trans Victorians May Soon Be Able to Change Their Birth Certificates Without Surgery

Legislation being introduced to parliament today will make it much easier to change the gender on your birth certificate.