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Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine Is Making His Annual Pledge To Return To Rugby League

Whether it's a cheap publicity stunt or not is hard to tell, though he did make the exact same claim last year.


The End Of A Golden Era: Ringside For Green vs Mundine II In The City Of Churches

A golden era of Australian boxing came to an end last night, as two of the game's great characters touched gloves and went hell for leather. Jake Dean went along for the spectacle.


​"It's all bullshit:" Danny Green On The Weight Debate

Mundine has typically used footwork, fast-hands and superior agility to duck, weave and pick off his opponents. Green on the other hand favours straight, hard punching and will relish the opportunity to fight in his natural weight class.


Don't Get Confused, Danny Green Is Rock Solid With First Australians

Anthony Mundine's opponent in Friday night's blockbuster, Danny Green, has taken to social media to express his solidarity with Australia's First People.


​Get some, Get some: Anthony Mundine Has More Hot Sauce For The Critics

The verbal gunfire continues from The Man, now in response to critics who have slammed his promise to boycott the Australian anthem during this Friday's rematch with Danny Green.


The Cult: Anthony Mundine

Described as "arguably the greatest cross-over athlete in boxing history," Anthony 'The Man' Mundine reached the pinnacle of not one but two of the world's toughest sports - rugby league and boxing.


The Anthony ​Mundine vs Danny Green Rematch Will Take Place In…Adelaide?

Where else but the neutral City Of Churches to host this largely meaningless rematch between two middle-aged has-beens.


Danny Green Scrapes Past Full-Time Plumber Kane Watts On His Way To Mundine Rematch

Green Machine gets a points win over Victorian hard man Kane Watts for the Australian Cruiserweight title


Everything You Need To Know About Mundine Vs Green II

There’s still plenty of bad blood but at 41 and 43 respectively, does anyone care about the Mundine vs Green rematch? Here’s a few reasons why you should.