data visualization


Here’s a Map of How Americans Misspell Porn Searches, by State

Lesbiam, thresome, and porm: PornHub wins with the best response to covfefe yet.


The Planet "Breathes" Like We Do in This Stunning Map

A data visualization turns numbers into a gorgeous map of our planet's life cycle.


This Gorgeous Light Installation Replicates Waves Breaking on Dry Land

Chinese artist Jiayu Liu’s new installation ‘Ocean Wave’ is a gigantic data visualization of waves crashing on the shore.


What a Wikipedia Video Game Can Teach Us About Politics

The Donald Trump solar system will surprise you.


Data Viz Stacks the Entire Berlin Wall into a Single Frame

Turkish new media artist Erdal Inci reimagines the Berlin Wall as a fractal 3D model.


Useless Press Hacks International Politics

Who needs a political advisor when you have the internet?


Your Dating Insecurities Are Big Data Artists' Paint

Beautiful visualizations of human life emerge in the works of data artists Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg.


[Exclusive] Visualizing 36 Years of Iranian Literary Censorship

Talking to Small Media about their interactive visualization of Iran's literary censorship from the 1979 revolution through to today.


See Every Selfie on Instagram in One Interactive Installation

The #selfie clock never stops counting.


Instagram Viz Project Lets You Catch the Sunrise All Over the World

Who needs to go outside when you have Instagram?


When Art Meets Particle Physics, the Result Is Chaotic Beauty

'Supersymmetry' sparks and hums with Ryoji Ikeda's cold fusion of science and art.


Immerse Yourself in a Miniature Circuitboard Metropolis

If a cities could have avatars, they might look like Stanza's new installation, 'The Nemesis Machine.'