data visualizations


Machine Draws Famous Mathematicians with the Math They Invented

Will Gallia and his programmed Roland pen plotter honor five mathematicians with complex space-filling curve illustrations.


Here's the Easiest Way to Find 'Waldo,' According to Science

Using algorithms, computer scientist Randal Olson proves that even storybook characters aren't safe from the all-seeing eye of Big Data.


Take A Look Inside The Infographic Mega-Tome, "Knowledge Is Beautiful"

Information designer David McCandless's book "Knowledge is Beautiful" features infographics of everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask (because there were too many numbers involved).


3,200 Historic Maps Of Battles And Cities Were Placed On Top Of Google Earth

The British Library has georeferenced a large collection of 19th century maps, creating meta-maps that juxtapose the past and present.


Error-Ridden Data Visualizations Become Beautiful Accidental Art

With Tumblr Accidental aRt, we've learned that data viz gone wrong can look like chic modern art.


Piracy Art: Financial Crash Music And Cable Leak Data Visualizations

The Piracy Today exhibition explores how piracy can inform art.