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TV Week

A Brief History of Metal Bands Crashing TV Shows

From Anthrax to Mastodon to, uh, Anthrax again, here are the best metal appearances on television.
Christopher Krovatin
Holy Shit

Listen to Joel Grind's All Killer, No Filler Versions of the New Metallica and Megadeth Albums

The Toxic Holocaust frontman chopped the double album 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct' down to 24 minutes, and scrubbed Dave Mustaine's voice from a now-instrumental 'Dystopia.'
Kim Kelly

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Is Done With Drama

Nowadays, the controversial thrash metal icon is kinder and gentler—but still has an edge, as our interview (and his band's killer new album, 'Dystopia') make quite clear.
Kim Kelly
Objectively Correct Lists

The Best Worst Non-Mustaine Megadeth Guitarists, Ranked from Lame to Lamest

MegaDON'T DO IT, Kiko Loureiro!
Kim Kelly
we saw this

Dave Mustaine Played with the San Diego Symphony and Did Worse Things to the Four Seasons Than Climate Change

"Symphony Interrupted" could have used some lengthy, permanent interruption.
Peter Holslin

Two Heads Are Better Than One: Your Guide To Double Neck Guitars

How to be the best possible Jimmy Page.
Jonah Bayer

Noisey Vs. MetalSucks - Why Megadeth Still Rocks

For our first cagematch against MetalSucks, we argue that Mustaine is the greatest human in metal. Sure, he was an asshole when he was in Metallica. But he was the only dude who could really play.
Jon Wiederhorn

Iron Maiden Is Great Thanks to Murder

Some friends of mine in New Jersey had a theroy about Iron Maiden. They surmised that the first five Maiden albums were perfect metal records, mainly because every song was about, alluded to, or conjured up images of killing. Even the instrumentals...
Anthony Pappalardo

The Recent Unpleasantness - Ask Mr. Ethics

Dear Mr. Ethics, I am a healthy 42-year-old Minnesota guy with a fantastic family and a well-paying government job. Also, I recently became the presumptive Republican nominee for vice president of the United States in the 2012 election. Life is good...
Sam McPheeters
Wasted Life

Dave Mustaine - #1 Twat

Megadeth’s “singer” and guitarist is a royal pain in the dick.
Moe Bishop