David Foster Wallace

    • 12.30.14

      We're All a Depressing Part of 'Generation Wuss'

      I called Bret at his house in LA last week. We talked passionately about his frustration with what he's dubbed "Generation Wuss"—you, me, and everyone else who's young, is hyper-sensitive, and has grown up with the internet.

    • 6.5.14

      If You're Going to Read Plays, Read Annie Baker's

      Annie Baker, who won the Pulitzer for her play The Flick, believes that “every single person on this planet is a genius and an idiot” and “any given person you walk by on the street could be brilliant and also deluded and insane.”

    • 2.2.13

      The Great American Hack: David Foster Wallace and Aaron Swartz

      I just finished 'Infinite Jest.' Like anyone who's spent months reading a 1,008-page book, particularly this one, I'm at a loss. It's sprawling, and by this point, all the important details from the novel's opening pages are teetering on the foggy...

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    • 1.8.13

      How Will the David Foster Wallace Legacy Survive Itself?

      As much as I despise the thought that all this post-death doing is killing what was wonderful about what had been, it is a good reminder to anybody that what you do or say or create often only begins to define what you always are.

    • 10.21.12

      A Letter to My Future Biographer

      If you are reading this then you already know: My legacy as a once-in-a-generation literary genius has stood the test of time. My unexpected and politically significant death merely burnished my reputation as an eerily prescient novelist, beloved...

    • 9.12.12

      The Deaths of David Foster Wallace

      Wallace's intersecting plotlines and cascades of footnotes were a testimony to the ‘infinitude’ of the world, as he experienced it. His biography, on the other hand, is more like a square meal than a crack binge. But it satisfies some basic biography...