Chinese Man Steals Phone From Buried Coffin and Transfers Over $1,000 to His Bank Account

He also admitted to visiting the cemetery to check graves for tokens left behind by loved ones.


Everest is Melting, Revealing Tons of Garbage and Human Bodies

“The world’s highest garbage dump” is throwing up trash and corpses that lay buried for decades as commercial mountaineering meets climate change.


The Guy Who Forced Taiwanese Flight Attendants to Wipe His Ass Is Dead

The world's most difficult airline passenger passed away in Thailand.


At least 22 people are dead after a bridge collapsed in Italy

A number of vehicles are also reportedly still trapped beneath the rubble with dead people inside.


Goodbye Tom Wolfe: the Guy Who Made Journalism Cool

We at VICE owe a lot to the way Wolfe jammed novelistic flair into non-fiction.


Researchers Have Restored Basic Brain Function in Dead Pigs

The brains, from a slaughterhouse, produced a flat wave as though in a comatose state.


Death of Iranian Ex-president Rafsanjani Deals Blow to Nation’s Moderates

Former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani died at the age of 82 on Sunday, leaving the country’s moderates without an important and longstanding voice.


I Spent a Day with an Embalmer

WARNING: This post contains graphic images.


A Handy Guide to Faking Your Own Death

It's a timeworn tradition but in most cases, it's a really, really bad idea.


Reports: 12 Dead, 8 Wounded in Terrorist Attack on Real Madrid Fans in Iraq During UCL Final

Four gunmen came in and shot the Real Madrid supporters right before the penalty kicks.


How Garry Shandling Invented Comedy as We Know It

The legend behind The Larry Sanders Show who inspired a generation of comedians, died Thursday at the age of 66.


PREMIERE: Who the Hell are Husky Loops?

UK art-rockers Husky Loops have a sound that's hard to pin down, but that's the point. Watch their video for "Dead."