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Luke Perry of '90210' Is Dead at 52

The actor suffered a massive stroke last week.
River Donaghey
mental health

This Mental Health Podcaster Told Me How to Deal with the Death of My Friend

I spoke to comedian Mike Brown about what it means to be a black man in search of therapy.
Noel Ransome

Russia Is Reopening an Investigation Into the World’s Greatest Mystery

Google the “Dyatlov Pass incident” and you are going find some incredible theories into the mysterious deaths of nine hikers.
Mack Lamoureux
Doctor's Note

When There's Nothing More Your Doctor Can Do

Every shift in the ER can offer a chilling reminder of your own mortality. One doctor takes us inside a patient's final minutes.
Frank Huyler, MD
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trevor, the World’s Loneliest Duck, Is Dead

A Pacific island is in mourning after their one and only duck was mauled to death by dogs.
Gavin Butler

A Helpful Timeline of Prince Philip Not Dying

Flipping a Land Rover? That's nothing.
Lauren O'Neill
money brain

Suddenly Making Less Money May Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease—and Death

Losing your job can feel like a death sentence. New research shows the scary way that might actually be true.
Melissa Kravitz

Morticians Explain How People Choose Their Last Outfits

From a simple shroud to Aretha Franklin's multiple costume changes, here's how to pick the clothes you'd literally be caught dead in.
Ilise S. Carter

A 16-Year-Old Has Died After Being Electrocuted By His Headphones

The teenager in Malaysia was found dead with blood coming out of his ears.
Gavin Butler

Irish Soccer Club Fakes Player's Death to Get out of Game

An amateur club in Ireland told the league Fernando LaFuente had died in a car crash for some reason. A moment of silence was held at games across the league and he became famous.
Sean Newell

Dreams Can Help People Deal With Grief and Breakups

During painful transitions such as breakups, divorce, and the loss of loved ones, dreams can become so vivid that even the biggest skeptics take notice of their nocturnal visions.
Alice Robb
ten qustions

Ten Questions for a Guy Who's Died and Come Back... Twice

"For me there was nothing, just darkness."
Rhi Holmes