'I Lost Everything': The Obscene Cost of Being a Woman with a Chronic Health Problem

Medical debt hounds some people more than others.
Ivana Rihter
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Millennials Are Taking on Credit Card Debt Because We Can’t Afford Necessities

A new report has more bad news for young people.
Allie Conti
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The Cheapskate's Guide to Maxing Out Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies are quietly lowering signup bonuses and eliminating perks. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes so you can keep the freebies coming without spending a fortune.
Jenny Hart
Remembering Things

The Spectacular Failure of the World's Only Hard Rock Theme Park

Hard Rock Park boasted rides themed around Led Zeppelin songs and acid trips, but it closed after just five months, amid the 2008 financial crisis. Ten years later, we visited the abandoned site to find out how it went off the rails.
Will Caiger-Smith
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China's New App Encourages its Citizens to Find and Report People in Debt

The app shows all "deadbeat debtors" within a 500 metre radius.
Gavin Butler
Invisible Jobs

What it’s Like to Be a Woman Working in Construction

Solid union wages are a big draw—and a great equalizer—but being the only woman on a 500-person crew comes with its own set of challenges.
Anita Hamilton
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The Real Reason Why You're Bad With Money

Hint: It’s not because you’re dumb, lazy or naïve.
Anita Hamilton

The Real Story of Why You Have a Cracked HECS Debt

We know you want to get rid of your debt, but do you ever wonder why you have it in the first place?
Sam Nichols

Here's What We Learned From Running Australia’s Biggest Millennial Money Survey

Basically things are grim.
VICE Staff
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A Financial Survival Guide for the Next Recession

Seeing my own mother struggle through the last recession made me want to be sure I'm prepared for the next one. So I talked to some money and career experts to find out how to recession-proof my life.
Marco Margaritoff

We’re Running Australia’s Biggest Millennial Money Survey

We promise there are no avocado jokes. Just a serious look at how you feel about wealth, class, and how indebted we all are.
VICE Staff
Australia Today

Earn More Than $22 an Hour? Get Ready to Repay HECS

Changes will take effect from the new financial year—Sunday!
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