deep dives

deep dives

How and Why Has "Mr Brightside" Never Left the UK Charts?

An Important Roundtable Discussion.
Noisey UK Staff

The Depressing Story of America’s Favorite Pump-Up Jam

C&C Music Factory's "Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" is still the go-to anthem for sports games everywhere—but its legacy is at the center of a bitter, decades-long legal battle.
Katie Bain

Shut Up and Play the Hits: The Unappreciated Genius of Coles Radio

Oh, you're a DJ? Sorry, there's already a supermarket that already makes the best mixtapes of all time.
Katherine Gillespie

Do the UK Charts Actually Tell Us Anything About Club Culture?

We delved deep into the current top 40 to work out what's actually going on in the UK right now.
Josh Baines

DJs Being Deep: The Most Enlightening Things Your Favorite DJs Have Said on Twitter

Who needs Dr. Phil when we have DJs on Twitter?
David Garber
deep dives

Here's Every Customer You'll Ever Meet in a Record Shop

The record store is the domain of the maladjusted, here's your guide to the ten dudes who rule it.
Josh Baines
deep dives

Canada’s Largest DJ Trade Show Gave Me a Newfound Respect for Wedding DJs

The Toronto conference felt like a parallel dimension where the EDM explosion never happened.
Benjamin Boles
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I Surfed Through My SoundCloud Stream While Live Blogging the Movements of an Internet-Famous Bald Eagle

30 minutes with a majestic bird, music, and my deepest inner thoughts about life.
Gabby Bess

How Do We Stop Drug Deaths At Festivals?

America's drug policies have been putting ravers at risk for years. But there are signs that the way we think about drug and raves is shifting.
Anna Codrea-Rado
deep dives

A Beginner's Guide to Throbbing Gristle

From a performance art project from Hull to wreckers of civilisation: this is the story of one of Britian's most important musical acts.
Arthur Ivan Bravo
deep dives

A Love Letter to the Pet Shop Boys, the Best British Band Ever

With their next album less than a month away, we reflect on why Neil and Chris are still so exciting.
Josh Baines

I Went To Mexico For a DJ Gig and Ended Up in Jail on Suspicion of Murder

How one DJ's dream opportunity turned into a 6-month nightmare.
Eddie Rangel