Inside the Mind-Numbing Literature of North Korea's Dictators

The Kim family hasn't just ruled the country for three generations—they've also been the Hermit Kingdom's leading authors.


Dennis Rodman Is Down with Gang Green, Probably Because of Donald Trump

Rodman has endorsed Trump. You know who else likes Trump? Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets.


Hitler, Bin Laden and Mussolini: Analysing the Poetry of History's Most Evil People

Apparently iron fists and tender souls aren't mutually exclusive.


What's It Like to Have a Dictator for Your Dad?

At least your dad never threatened to feed you to the crocodiles.


It's a Godlis World: Early Photos of Punk Rock After Dark

There were six or seven photographers present at the birth of punk, but there will only ever be one Godlis. That's right—I shit you not—we're talking about a punk photographer whose surname is actually Godlis.


PR Firms in Britain Are Spinning Stories for Foreign Dictatorships

Committed a human rights violation and need a positive spin? Try these guys.


Hitler Madness: The Tournament to Officially Determine the Most Hitlerish Person of All Time

People are accused of being like Adolf Hitler all the time, and occasionally their behavior is at least Hitler-ish, like when they're invading countries or advocating genocide. But who in world history is the most like Hitler? Well, that...


Cheerleaders, Bloody Splatter and Kim Jong-Un Are Deathcrush's Idea of "Fun"

The North Korean dictator has never looked so sexy.


Back in Berlin

I guess all those mass executions, anti-Semitic pogroms, and bloody, counterrevolutionary purges can really age you.