digital art


Molly Soda Turns Nasty Social Media Comments into Unfiltered Art

Her goofy beauty tutorials and sexy selfies capture the strange reality of being female on the internet.


Surreal Photo Manipulations Combine Urban and Wild Landscapes

KangHee Kim juxtaposes vibrant nature scenes with gritty cityscapes in her alluring photo collages.


R.I.P. Microsoft Paint, 1985 - 2017

Microsoft announced that the beloved digital art-making program is marked for "deprecation" from the next Windows operating system.


These Dystopian Illustrations Look Like Gorillaz Meets 'Borderlands'

Gangs of cyberpunk characters roam across the relics and rubble of crumbling cityscapes in the desolate universe of Max Prentis.


iPhone Optical Illusion Artist Cracks the Glass Screen Beautifully

Anshuman Ghosh, a.k.a @moography, makes delightful paper illusions that transcend phone photography.


This Curved Glass Touchscreen Is a Plasma Globe for the Digital Age

Lucy Hardcastle reawakens "material consciousness" with an all-in-one multi-sensory experience, technological breakthrough, and artwork.


These Hacked Advertisements Are Like a Visit to the Dentist on Laughing Gas

The digital collages in the 39th issue of FELT Zine will make you even more scared of your periodontist.


OS Error Messages and 3D Nudes Collide in Chaotic Digital Collages

Japanese artist Naganeo creates a surreal limbo of digital and analog existence in the 38th issue of FELT Zine.


This Net Art Will Make You Question Why You're Celebrating July 4th

Founder of FELT Zine Mark Sabb and new media artist Michael Green tap into the psyche of American politics.


Get Mind-F*cked by These Alien Sex Toys

According to net artist Tissue Hunter you can learn a lot about someone from their toys.


Photographic Illusions Mirror Our Connection with Nature

Luisa Azevedo makes magic with her surreal, beautiful photo manipulations.