NASHO is the Western Sydney Hardcore Band We’ve Been Waiting For

Ex-Royal Headache, Dispossessed and Good Throb members unite for a hardcore punk takedown.


Dispossessed Have Announced Their Return to Melbourne

A benefit for the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance includes Divide And Dissolve, Habits, Vacuum and Sezzo Snot.


Some Dogs Jacked $5K Of Gear From Indigenous Rights Band Dispossessed

The Sydney band are asking for help in recovering the stolen musical equipment.


Dispossessed Are the Most Uncompromising, Unapologetic and Important Band in Australia

The young Sydney band are loud, raw, angry and ready to give the middle finger to white Australia.


Our Weed Columnist Briefly Quit Smoking Weed for the First Time in Over Nine Years

I’ve always championed weed for its lack of addictive qualities and yet had never demonstrated this in almost a decade. The only way to know my dependency on weed was to go to a place where I would find absolutely none of it.


Let The Sunshine In

Some people think it's inappropriate to have kids with disabilities engaging in this kind of levity.