dive bars


Meet the LA Lounge Legends Who've Played Nearly Every Night for 35 Years

Marty and Elayne have been immortalized in 'Swingers,' jammed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and made a fan out of David Lynch.
Lina Lecaro

John at the Bar

I worked at a bar for five years. It was one of those bars that are there to preserve a moment, a state of being, nothing ever changing; crypts with golden sarcophagi, men who can exist as royalty for all eternity.
John Saward

Noah Taylor’s Strange, Blankly Beautiful Paintings

We spoke to the artist about Australian landscapes and being good at everything.
Jack Callil

The Town Erin Brockovich Rescued Is Basically a Ghost Town Now

There's still hexavalent chromium in the water, the town's houses are being knocked down, and the only place to buy beer is about to close.
Mike Pearl

Listen to Two New Tapehead Songs

The Rochester punk band made up of members of Brown Sugar and Rational Animals have a new 7’ and appearance at New York’s Alright.
Tim Scott

Appropriating Team USA

Growing up, real football was for Americans and soccer was for people who spoke other languages while doing jobs with their hands. We've appropriated everything they owned, why not gentrify our own damn soccer team?
Josh Androsky

Inside Ciaro's Seedy Baladi Bars

If you're a working-class Cairene and you want something more fortifying than a coffee and shisha but can't afford to go to a five-star hotel, then the baladi bars are for you.
Muir Vidler
The Profiles Issue

Jon Taffer Is America’s Greatest Poet of Drunkenness and Failure

One balmy Wednesday last December, Jon Taffer stood in the dining room of Scoreboard 2, a dive in Norwalk, California. “I want to start by telling you I don’t give a shit about these cameras!” he said. “Saving bars is my life.”
Brad Wesley

Requiem for a Shithole

Today, in the wake of the shittiest storm New York has ever seen, Manhattan’s shittiest dive bar is shuttering its doors for good. St. Jerome’s was a horrible and fantastic place, a peerless dump in the belly of the Lower East Side where I used to DJ...
Brendan Jay Sullivan