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Dizzee Rascal Hates Interviews, But He Still Gave Us One

We caught up with the grime legend shortly after the release of his triumphant new EP 'Don't Gas Me' and found an MC tired of questions.
Aniefiok Ekpoudom
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Be Brave, Clench Fists: 'Original Pirate Material' is a Timeless Document of Britain

On his debut album 15 years ago, Mike Skinner set out a hedonistic document of love, life and strife – and set it to a UK garage soundtrack that hasn’t been bettered since.
Ryan Bassil
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Don’t @ Me: ‘Maths + English’ Is The Best Grime and Pop Crossover Album

Okay, so everything Dizzee Rascal did after isn’t great. But his third album is overlooked as a near-perfect bridge between two worlds.
Duncan Harrison
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Finally! Dizzee Rascal Confirms ‘Boy in Da Corner’ Shows for the UK

Dizzee will be playing the seminal record in full for the first time in the UK in October at a venue TBC.
Daisy Jones
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How Dizzee Rascal Won New York City by Preaching Grime's Old Testament

The MC's first ever live performance of 'Boy in da Corner' in full marked another step forward for grime's acceptance in America.
Alex Robert Ross
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Five British MCs That American Grime Fans Need to Hear Right Now

Ahead of 'NOISEY London' on VICELAND, we look at the most exciting artists in the scene right now.
Paul Gibbins
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Looking Back into the Sun: How #IndieAmnesty Gave a Second Life to a Forgotten Genre

If the indie amnesty hashtag taught us anything, it’s that plenty of us are bound by the experience of simply being young and alive between 2003 and 2008.
Emma Garland
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Bard in Da Corner: Drawing the Line Between Poetry and Grime

The poet Kayo Chingonyi explains why D Double E and Dizzee's flows aren't just for bobbing to, they are for studying.

House of Vans Kicked Off Their 50th Anniversary with Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Kelela, and More

This year Vans will be throwing a bunch of sick international parties and here are the pics from the kick off celebrations.
Noisey Staff
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Dizzee Rascal: "There's a Real Gun Culture in the UK"

The grime OG delivered some home truths in a new interview, about growing up on a council estate and UK crime culture.
Angus Harrison
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Grime's Godfather Wiley Tells All in Extended New Interview

The UK artist is planning a forthcoming book and biopic.
Alexander Iadarola
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Here's Dizzee Rascal Giving America a History Lesson on Grime

This is prescribed watching for anyone who hasn't yet learned about grime's deep historical roots.
Ryan Bassil