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Some Questions for the Guy Who DJ'd Outside the Houses of Parliament

He appeared on Tuesday night, after the Brexit 'meaningful vote' result, spinning a special political set.
Patrick Heardman
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Please Enjoy This Absolute Shitshow of a DJ Set at Tomorrowland

Salvatore Ganacci’s performance found him twerking on stage and shouting into the microphone without even trying to transition between tracks.
Noisey Staff
worst clubs

We Toured Adelaide's Worst-Rated Nightclubs: 2018!

Using internet ratings as a guide, we set out to drink a lot of Mother on tap.
Julian Morgans

The Re-Re-Re-Re-Reinvention of Ryan Hemsworth

Canada’s golden boy DJ opens up on his forthcoming album, his evolving identity, and cultivating a sense of celebrity within different cultures.
Hillary Gillis
In Memoriam

Avicii Will Live Forever as an EDM Legend

The Swedish DJ and producer, who died at the age of 28, struggled in the spotlight, but his influence on EDM and its culture is permanent.
Larry Fitzmaurice
Public Embarrassment

Life Lessons Learned from the DJ Who Didn’t Realise His Set Was Totally Silent

Halfway through his festival set KSHMR went silent for everybody except him.
Angus Harrison
The 2017 Music Issue

New Orleans Is Bubbling Over

A young collective called The Pink Room Project is pushing the city's musical legacy into the future, catching the eye of Solange in the process.
Lawrence Burney

Behold, the College Party by Which All Other College Parties Will Be Judged

The party was lit until a stream of bodies, cheap booze, and splintered wood fell through the floor and into the apartment below.
Drew Schwartz

I Fooled the World Into Thinking I Was a Successful EDM DJ

All it takes is a bit of practice, a few contacts and, above all, good marketing.
Nadja Brenneisen

Ciel's Debut EP 'Peach004' Is a Nebulous Work in Progress

"I didn't want to sell myself short and not try something because I was afraid."
Corinne Przybyslawski
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Karaoke-Loving Fugitive Got Busted Before He Could Sing

A DJ planned a makeshift sting operation after recognizing Ronald Duby Jr.—a karaoke regular—was the US Marshal's "Fugitive of the Week."
Drew Schwartz
felt zine

Serene Beach Scenes from a Drum & Bass DJ-Turned-Artist

somenerv’s glossy 3D renderings come right in time for summer.
Nathaniel Ainley