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Seoul’s Mayor Pledges to Ban Dog Butcheries After Seeing a Movie About a Dog

Mayor Park Won-soon announced that he would crack down on South Korea's dog meat industry after seeing an animated kids' film called 'Underdog'.
Gavin Butler
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A Teacher Who Fed a Live Puppy to a Turtle Has Been Found Not Guilty

Robert Crosland was facing animal cruelty charges, but his students wound up coming to his defense.
River Donaghey
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Woman Finds Drunk Guy Sleeping in Her Dog's Bed, Is Surprisingly Chill About It

The guy apparently went a little too hard on New Year's Eve.
River Donaghey
virtual reality

This Virtual Reality Dog Could Prevent Dog Bites

As players get closer, the dog shows anxiety and aggression through body language.
Ian Birnbaum

Mourning a Dog Can Be Harder Than Mourning a Person

"Many studies show our relationships with dogs can be even more satisfying than our human relationships."
Frank T. McAndrew
Question Of The Day

Is it Wrong to Masturbate With a Pet in the Room?

We asked people on the streets of Melbourne.
Maggie Coggan

'The Green Lion Who Swallows The Sun,' Today's Comic by Harper Swindell

A girl and her dog Danger are determined to find the Green Lion so they can watch it devour the sun.
Harper Swindell
last week in art

An Angry Artist Installed a Peeing Dog Statue Next to “Fearless Girl”

Alex Gardega says he made the work extra crappy to further “downgrade” the statue.
Nathaniel Ainley
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Hero Dog Escapes Animal Hospital After Discovering How Doors Work

General, a Great Pyrenees, managed to open three real, human-sized doors and sneak his way to freedom.
Drew Schwartz
Motherboard Homepage

Dogs Know Your Secrets

Researchers demonstrate dogs' ability to understand human perspectives.
Michael Byrne
cartoons & sport

Nearly an All Black, Forever a Legend: Remembering Murray Ball & Sport in Footrot Flats

"He was a sporting hero, he was a creative hero and then when I met him, he was a hero of a man."
Ben Stanley

A Tiny Japanese Town Built a Very Good Doggy Drone

The small town of Oji just got a new mascot and he's the best.
Nathaniel Ainley